What to Expect

We offer amazing Quest weekends for both teenage guys and girls. On these weekends, you will get to examine your life and what areas that you want more for yourself. You will be challenged in ways you have never be challenged before. When you go through your own Quest weekend, you will experience true joy and strength, along with a community of brothers and sister to encourage you in those areas. You will not be on this journey alone. Our experienced adult and teen staff have all been through this experience and will help guide you on your own Quest. They have been profoundly shaped by their own Quest journeys that both during and after the retreat, they will passionately walk alongside you on your journey. They wouldn’t invest their time and energy into the weekend if they didn’t see the amazing change in their own lives. This is a transformational weekend, don’t let doubt scare you away from experiencing the Quest after God's heart. Step into your doubt and experience the adventure that lies ahead of you. 

Why is the ministry called “Quest”?

The story we use for the weekend comes from Acts 9, the story of Paul’s conversion. Paul encountered God and started a journey for God, not for man. We believe our young men and women are on their own Quest for their purpose, power and passion.

Who staffs Quest?                                    

Every staff member on these weekend retreats have worked with a similar weekend and have examined their own lives. The staff is made up of adults and other teens who have been on their own Quest weekend. They invest time before the retreat in planning what goes on during the weekend and then after the weekend they commit to staying in contact with others who have gone on the Quest retreat.

Quest has a board that consists of 9 men who have experience in ministry, leadership, as well as a professional counselor. These 9 men all have done work similar to Quest and all have hearts that are geared towards helping teens either begin, continue, and improve their relationship with God.

who should go on a quest weekend?

If you're between the ages of 15 and 19 (male or female), and you are ready to take off the masks that you put on to fit into the world, and receive truth and grace, you should register today.

What if I have more questions?

If you have any questions or want to hear more about Quest…

Contact jason@gcrcc.org, founder and president of Teen Quest Ministries

You can also visit our Facebook page by clicking here.