What Participants are saying about Quest

“Quest has been a life changing experience, a chance to own up to my mistakes, heal my wounds and learn more about myself. It’s a chance to bring my truth and accept my past and move forward with God. This Quest weekend changes and challenges you physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Totally worth my money and my weekend. I would definitely recommend this for someone who wants to live a life full of truth and authenticity!”
“Quest is definitely too difficult to describe in just a few words. Overall, it gives people an opportunity to be real and not have to feel ashamed about it. Finding out that other people have the same struggles as me is one of the most reassuring things for me. Also, the follow up groups are the best way for me to stay reminded of what I went through and how it changed me. It’s something I look forward to every week.”
“Quest really helped me in every aspect with my relationship. I had been carrying around a lot and was very angry at God and what had happened in my life. I lost myself in all the chaos around me. I didn’t know who I was or my value anymore. I didn’t want to know Christ anymore and I had given up. Quest changed it all. Quest helped me find myself in God. It gave me a sense of value. It also helped get all the anger and resentment out of me that I had towards God and other who had hurt me.
“There are countless things that someone can get out of Quest. Someone can start, rebuild, or continue a strong relationship with God. They will be able to to make a new family that knows them on a new, more personal level, and will help them with whatever is going on in their life. They will also find a new side of themselves, and leave stronger than they came.”
“The viewing about the weekend “Quest” is that it is not just a weekend, it is the weekend! This weekend is about knowing what you/your inner character consists of. Who you are, what troubles do you face daily? What are the bottomless pits in your heart doing to you? I personally would say this weekend had an impact in my life. It’s not just something to look back every now and then, but a realization that you had a weekend in the presence of God. A walk with God! A time…a time to where you are concealed with nothing, but the presence of others who struggle with the temptations Satan will throw at each of us every day! Guys, I’m not joking around! If you want a weekend with no distractions in your life, then this is a weekend to go on.”
“My first weekend was definitely not [what] I expected. I was thinking “boring church seminar” and I got an intense spiritual challenge that awakened my soul and reformed my lifestyle. It’s not easy. I’d be lying if I said that but the reward is worth the struggle. This retreat and the work that follows is the number one thing in my life that keeps me accountable in my spiritual life. One of the best parts of this retreat is the continuation after the weekend. The work we do there builds on what we do on a weekend and the work will never end. As long as there is struggle in life, we will continue to work. The journey always continues.”
“What Quest did for me:
· A drive to serve others
· Aided me in my walk with God
· Unlocked the deepest chambers of my heart
· Helped me to open up and die to Christ in truth
· Opened my eyes to see a path of truth and grace, not lies and evil
· Mentors who walk alongside me and truly care about me”

“What Quest has done for me is helped me dig deep into my personal life, who I really am, and helped me find a source of problems in my life. I was able to share the side of me that people don’t see. It gave me a way to hold myself accountable for the times that I screw up. It truly was hard work, but the reward was a million times better than I ever could’ve imagined. “