What Parents Are Saying About Quest

“My child has come home with more of a peaceful attitude. They have more confidence in their daily walk and have a better understanding of where I am coming from as a parent. Their anger has been channeled in a better direction. Thank you for helping them along in their maturation process and for letting them see God in a different light.”
“What I’ve heard my son express about Quest is that it has been life changing. He feels that it has helped him focus more on being who God has called him to be and has revealed areas of character that he needs to work on.
Overall I’ve noticed a little more contentment and confidence. And I’m praying as he begins to lead, that he will find true and genuine friendships.”
“My child has been able to handle their emotions better. When something comes up, they is easier to reason with and listens more attentively. They are more willing to “own up to mistakes” or things that happen. I think they has been happier with themselves and others. They is also more willing to talk to other guys and girls. He looks forward to every meeting, retreat, weekend, class, whatever you offer; they wants to be there and participate. Thanks again for making a such a positive influence on my child.”
“What I notice about my teen after the weekend is that it is easier to have deeper conversations. We had a great relationship before the weekend, but now they have the tools to be more open about their life and has more confidence to be who Christ created them to be.”
“I have seen a deeper understanding of Christ-like manhood from my child since their Quest weekend. We have had more authentic conversations about real issues.”